This Is Probably The Funniest Wrong Answer In The History Of Family Feud!

Let’s assume that Capt. Hook decided to moonlight as a handyman. What tool would he choose to replace his hook? Would he choose a screwdriver, hammer, tape measure, saw, or many other choices?

Well, NFL legend Bruce Smith did not choose any of those answers. His recent appearance on Celebrity Family Feud he was faced with this question as a part of the final Fast Money round. Appearing as second, Smith needed to come up with an answer other than hammer which his teammate already chose.

Then out of the clear blue sky, he chose a male body part! Not only was that NOT the correct answer but totally stunned Steve Harvey when he realized what Smith had said!

Steve Harvey was so shocked that he could not go on with Fast Money. He totally called off the whole YouTube viral video thing right away. Good Job Steve! Check out his face!

Believe it or not, Bruce Smith’s team actually won Fast Money with 238 points. On top of everything else, Never, Ever call him to fix a leaky pipe in your home!

Family Feud has aired on television for more years than I can even remember, starting with Richard Dawson. All said, I do not believe there has ever been an answer quite shocking at this one!

You can watch Celebrity Family Feud on Sundays at 8PM ET on ABC