John Travolta's Life of Fame, Fortune, and Tragedy

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The history of film is filled with talented actors who have impacted us so strongly that we can’t keep them out of our heads or tabloid magazines. In the early days, it was rebellious heartthrobs like James Dean. Now, it’s charismatic actors like Leonardo DiCaprio and Joaquin Phoenix. Although they bare their soul on screen, many fans are still eager to learn more about the private life of these public figures. 
Some actors have obliged and allowed their lives to be open books. Others, like John Travolta, have tried to maintain a certain level of privacy. Despite being in the public eye since the mid-1970s, Travolta has managed to keep a relatively low profile in terms of his private life – even though it has been the stuff of movies! Let’s take a look at the ups and downs of his public and private life.