‘Unicorn Dog’ with Ear In Middle of Head Astounds The World

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Biology can produce some truly marvelous sights, but it can also be the creator of some downright strange things as well. Sometimes, though, even this unique and crazy world we live in can throw a combination at us that we never thought we would ever see. For example, did you ever think you would see what is being dubbed a ‘unicorn dog’ as a real thing? No, us either!


The ‘unicorn dog’ is a dog that was born with an ear in the middle of her head. This incredible animal is one that should immediately make you realise just how strange things can become. The dog, being compared to a unicorn for obvious reasons, has naturally gained a lot of followers on social media. With over 12,000 Instagram followers at our last count, this is a truly exceptional thing to see.


The dog, known by Rae, is a golden retriever canine and has become a social media sensation. With us all locked up in the house for the long-term, it’s little things like this that might go some way to giving us a sense of happiness once again!

Left with one ear due to an accidental injury during being born, she’s found that her singular ear has ‘migrated’ to the top of her head as she has grown older. People are calling her anything from ‘unidog’ and ‘unipupper’ to straight old ‘unicorn dog’. Whatever you want to call her, though, it really is something quite incredible to see first-hand!

Take a look at the photos yourself, and you will soon see why the whole world seems to be going crazy for this most delightful of dogs. Definitely, one you should want to take a look and start following on Instagram, too, which you can do by looking for @goldenunicornrae.

From the tragedy of losing an ear when she was younger to this incredible profile worldwide – it’s quite the turnaround, isn’t it? 




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