Want a DIY Solution to Cleaning Baby Bottles With Ease?

For any new parent, one of the worst things you can deal with is the cleaning-up side of things. Looking after the kids can be quite the commitment for most new parents, but especially when it comes to caring for their baby goods. 


For example, are you trying to clean out those baby bottles? Then you’ve probably tried the cleaning from every angle and with every tool that you have in the house. Not working? Then try out his hilarious DIY solution!

A particularly adventurous father got a scrubbing brush and attached it onto a drill. They had gotten sick of the same old nonsense and the impossibility of making cleaning easier. 

With the help of the brush now attached, husband Aerol was able to make the life of mother-of-triplets Christy Gemma a whole lot easier. The video, which blew up and went viral on Facebook, managed to get a lot of parents thinking about how they could interact with their own inner MacGyver. 

A Real DIY Dad

You see Aerol using the solution to try and clean out the baby bottles, and making short work of what is often a hazardous and time-consuming cleaning solution for most parents.

With this, you get to enjoy far more time actually spending time with your kid. With the help of a DIY solution like this, you can enjoy the easiest possible cleaning experience.

So, if like Christy you come home to finding DIY Dad building some mad cleaning contraption, you might just want to leave him to it and let him get on with it!

It’s a comical video, and the fact it’s got over 11m views at the time of writing shows you just how big this technique is going to become.

Don’t be shocked if you see plenty of other dads with a toolbox getting creative in how they make some cleaning products for use around the home.