What Are the Top Nursing Programs From 2019?

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The world needs more nurses, and it becomes a topic of massive conversation across the world. 


While major companies like the UK are going through doctor and nurse shortages, other countries with lesser medical access and resources are actually overflowing with medical talent. 

At the moment, one thing we are seeing is a big boost in the number of applicants to become nurses. And the thing is that while we tend to ‘thank the doctors and the staff’ after we’ve been helped, it’s the nurses who do most of the heavy lifting.

They tend to make vital decisions in very short spaces of time; the kind of decisions that can often dictate whether or not you live or day. They are vital to the role of the medical industry, and it’s easy to see why so many people are now getting involved. 

With a career in nursing growing as an interesting career path, if very demanding, we’re seeing more and more nurses appearing. Where, though, are they doing the majority of their training?

A high-quality education is vital if you wish to progress and make a genuine success of yourself in nursing. To do that, you have to get into the right kind of school. 

Impressing Nursing Programs

For Americans in particular, going to the University of Texas at El Paso School of Nursing is a good place to start. It’s become one of the most effective yet affordable undergraduate programs around today and has grown exponentially over the last few years.


The program itself is one of the most impressive in the Texan medical industry. It’s become a vital part of modern education, with close to 2,400 students taking on the programs they have in nursing. 

They have bachelor’s, masters’ and DNP programs to go for. Where else could you go, though? You could take a look at the Adelphi's College of Nursing and Public Health. 

This has become a very popular choice for many people due to the fact it’s so wide-spread. You will learn everything you need to become well-versed in theory and in practical techniques, as well as in being innovative in the job. 

This is one of the many reasons why people go to this particular program. With its Core Four studies, you will be able to learn about everything you need to become a competent, credible, and professional nurse moving into 2020.

Another common alternative is to go and study at the Wayne State University College of Nursing. This has become a premium part of the nursing program and has done since it was first founded in 1945. 

It’s got students through programs like MSN and PhD as well as DNP and graduate certifications. If you are looking for a nursing career, then, any of the above solutions would make a fine place to begin with.

Having become a major hub of medical education in Detroit, the Wayne State University College of Nursing is one of the top three programs we would recommend you consider. 

Take a look at all three of the options above, see where you think that you fit in most, and apply. Who knows what kind of future awaits for you if you are willing to get into the wonderful world of nursing?