What Are those Valentine’s Day Flowers Really Telling You about Your Relationship?

We all know that flowers mean romance especially when it comes to Valentine’s Day. But what does your partner really mean when they buy you a bouquet of flowers? 


Are they saying, ‘I love you’? Or do they just want to be friends? To get you in the mood for romance this Valentine’s Day, we’re looking at some of the meanings behind popular flowers.

Roses – Keeping It Traditional

Red roses


A dozen red roses – this definitely means someone is saying “I love you”. These flowers represent true love and devotion as well as romance and desire. It is not surprising that these roses are the most popular Valentine’s Day blooms.

Yellow roses


Yellow roses are pretty but, unlike their red counterparts, these are most often associated with friendship rather than romantic love. 

However, if you know your loved one adores the color yellow then the fact that you remembered this about them speaks volumes. In other cases, these blooms will make the perfect gift for a good friend at any time of the year.

Lavender roses


Lavender roses are something that should make you very excited if you see them in a bouquet this Valentine's. Lavender is the color of true love, enchantment, and love at first sight. 

If you want to know if your partner is serious a bouquet with lavender and red roses is the thing to look out for.



Succulents have never really been associated with desire and passion but receiving one of these from a significant other is a really good sign. 

Mixing a few succulents in with other flowers indicates that someone is looking to stay the course, so if you are hoping for a long term relationship pop some succulents in with more traditional offerings like carnations or roses.



Daffodils are associated with spring and they really are a feel-good flower. Receiving these on Valentine's Day could mean that you have made someone very, very happy. 

These are a great way to show some affection to a friend as they are not linked with romance. What could be greater for your friendship that to share a little happiness with these pretty spring blooms?

Yellow chrysanthemums


If you receive these this Valentine’s Day you have a secret admirer! These often symbolize someone who is watching from afar but would like to get to know you better. 

If you are on the hunt for some flowers for someone who is currently a friend but you’d like to get to know much better try sending a bunch of these and see what develops.



Look out for filler flowers like eucalyptus. Adding in little details like ivy, fern or thyme shows that the giver cares enough to think about those extra special little touches.

Calla lily


These are stunning blooms that are said to mean that your lover will be faithful and devoted for years to come. The color is important too: the white flowers signify purity whereas the purple variety means passion and admiration. 

It is always a great sign if you receive these in a bouquet on Valentine's Day and they are also a favorite for bridal arrangements.



Orchids are very long-lived flowers and for Valentine's Day, these represent the strength of a long-lasting loving commitment. Love, beauty, luxury – all of the good things in life are there in one single flower. 

No wonder people love to receive these at any time of year.



Carnations are one of the most popular flowers and their meaning really depends on your choice of color. If you want to show affection and appreciation the pink carnation symbolizes deep, maternal love. 

For the man in your life deep purple, lime green or fuchsia are great colors for a romantic gesture.