What You Should Be Telling Your Partner on a Daily Basis

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When we are with someone in a relationship, it becomes increasingly easy to take things for granted. In a relationship, we can spend a lot of time just thinking that everything good will last forever.


That our partner knows that we love them and that we care for them endlessly. However, the problem is that while we might think of se thoughts every day, we don’t verbalize them.

And while some of us don’t need to be told we are loved on a daily basis, it’s always nice to receive a wee bit of affection. That’s why we think that if you want to make your partner feel 10/10, you should try and drop these little phrases into your discourse together.

How was your morning/day?

It’s so simple, but it’s such a powerful thing to ask. Depending on when you see each other for the first time in the day (most in the morning, some during the day due to work schedules), ask them how their morning/day was.

You’ll often find that it can open up a fair amount of discussion about what work was involved for both of you, and what your day is likely to unfold into.

It’s a simple little thing to ask, but the result is that you can enjoy an organic conversation without prompting. Who knows where that discussion will lead?

Good idea, but what about…

When we are talking with our partner and we both have ideas we wish to express, make sure you acknowledge what they say. Most of the time, we can be so wrapped in saying what we want to say that we totally ignore what our partner said to us. 


Try and avoid doing that if you can; speak to them in a more clean, open-ended manner.

Acknowledge what they said and their point. Make them clear that you actually do care about what they have to say. Show an interest in their ideas prior to discussing your own.

I shouldn’t have done that/acted that way

Another good one to add to your relationship vocab is the ability to actually say sorry. In a relationship, we often just try to pass off things that caused an argument as if they never happened at all.

That’s not good, though; you should always look to repair any damage done in an argument or debate with one another.

Try and set the tone so that you can both apologize and find a way of moving on. Don’t let your animosity needlessly linger. Say sorry; you will be shocked at just how powerful that can be.

I love you

Simple and effective, simply telling your partner that you love them should be an easy thing to throw into the day. If you do truly love that person, tell them every day. At every opportunity.


When you depart from one another in the morning/evening/whenever, tell them you love them. When you wake up, and when you go to bed. When you feel that sensation of love coursing through your body – tell them!

Use these simple four phrases a bit more in your relationship, and you’ll notice just how quickly things can strengthen and improve. Does that not sound like a much more enjoyable relationship than the one you have just now?