Why Prince Charles Hated a Time in His Childhood

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By all appearances, Prince Charles lives an incredible life of luxury. He is the next in line to the throne as the King of England. He also lives a life that most people cannot even relate to. 


He has a very calm, laid back demeanor and is known to take all things in stride. He is loved by his wife, his two sons, grandchildren, and without a doubt lives a pretty special lifestyle.

Charles was born into royalty and has never known anything else. I think it’s safe to say, he must know how very lucky his life has been. All said, there are some times in his life that he might feel great about and others not so great. 

Let’s face it, there is no way any of us can know what he thinks about every day of his life but there is one time in his life that has come to surface.

Prince Charles has spent his entire life in front of a camera, photographers, and before the public eye. What goes on all the time, no one can say. 

He is an extremely caring human being and has never said anything but nice things about people he has met along the way. 

When you take into consideration, he is the future ruler of Great Britain, it’s really important he has the personality to go with the position. By all accounts, it seems he has hit the nail on the head.

When Prince Charles Was A Young Child

For some of us, it’s really hard to believe he is now in his 70s. Even though it’s been a really long time since he was a child romping around the palace grounds, there are others who remember that time very well.


According to Vanity Fair, his childhood was not always fun. As the Queen of England, Elizabeth, had a very busy life so Charles never got to spend a lot of time with his parents. 

It’s also been reported that he was a sensitive child and developed later on in life, which did not settle well with his father, Prince Philip. He was not a great athlete which caused problems with kids his own age. 

On top of that, he was constantly followed around by the press as well as fans since the day he was born.

In all rights, he was pretty isolated from the world. All he ever knew was how very complex royal life was going to be. So, what was it about his childhood that he hated so much? 

He attended Gordonstoun which is an elite private school in Scotland that was anything but great.

He lived in accommodations with dozens of other boys and felt like he was in boarding school, just one-step from prison. Also, Gordonstoun was Prince Philip’s Alma Mater but Charles was just not happy but realized he had to be there.

Even though he didn’t like it, he quickly realized the school was very strict but he did everything he could to abide by the rules every single day. Sadly, he was constantly bullied by other students and had to deal with a really nasty headmaster at the dorm.

In 1963, he actually wrote a letter home, telling his parents and family how really horrible he found the school to be. 

Although those days are behind him now, it’s really sad to realize how really miserable he was during a time when he should have been happy and enjoying his life. Hopefully, his life now is a much happier place to be!