Will Disney’s A Live-Action “Lilo & Stitch” Make The Mark?

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Disney’s live-action remakes are now doing the same thing with Lilo & Stitch. This 2002 feature was one of the company’s final 2D animation feature releases. The film was not a blockbuster but did create direct-to-video sequels, television shows, and a theme park attraction.

Lilo & Stitch, as a live-action film, first appeared on the internet several years ago. Well, the word is out that a new project is ready to release and breathe new life into this film. Disney has hired Jon M. Chu from Crazy Rich Asian and upcoming In The Heights to direct the film.

Meanwhile, they are looking for a scribe to work with Chu, Mike Van Waes wrote the current draft for the project but has not been given the go-ahead as yet as it’s still in development.

The original film was written and directed by Dean DeBlois and Chris Sanders, who gained great recognition with “How to Train Your Dragon”.

It seems a good match for Lilo & Stitch to be a live-action remake because the movie has more human characters than many of Disney’s other remakes. The other film that hit the mark was “The Lion King” because it offered just as many live-action characters as the original 2D movie. The Hawaiian setting should give a boost for a live-action film. All said reports have not said whether Lilo & Stitch will be intended for Disney+ or for theaters. As an example, Disney’s most recent live-action remake, Mulan, was originally going to premiere in theaters but ended up debuting on the streaming service. At this point, the distinction might be academic.

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