Will Nikkie Tutorials Reveal who has been Blackmailing Her?

We all have times in our lives when we have to make valuable decisions to do the right thing or the wrong thing. Nikkie Tutorials found out how hard that can be. 

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Even though someone came forward, attempted to blackmail her, she decided to hold off on revealing his name. 

The Whole Story

YouTuber Nikkie Tutorial came out on her channel announcing she is transgender. Her real name is Nikkie de Jager and she has become the most talked about on the internet. 

Her video “I’m Coming Out” has generated well over 33 million views and on January 22nd she appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

The biggest reason for her telling everyone she’s transgender happened when she when someone was trying to ruin her career by blackmailing her. There has been a great deal of speculation about this person or if Nikkie knows who it is.

On January 28th, she made her first video on YouTube since coming out. She even had a session called “Responding To My Coming Out” and talked about it. But the one question that’s still floating around, who is the blackmailer?

Nikkie has urged everyone to stop looking for the blackmailer. Paraphrasing she said if anyone was going to have the right to tell more about this blackmailer it would be herself. 

She added, in the video, that no one should be discussing this blackmailer because only she knows the full truth. She also told everyone that she knows exactly who was emailing her. 

She shared this information with the police giving them their name, address, numbers, emails, etc. She added that this is someone that none of you know and it’s not someone she personally knows. 

A Very Difficult Decision to Make 

Nikkie said this has been a hard choice for how to proceed. How should she deal with the blackmailer? Should she reveal their identity to the world? Should she press charges publicly?

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She knows it’s been a frightening and freeing experience learning their identity but it’s also created one of the most difficult decisions in her life.

She believes anyone who does something wrong should be punished but after so many responses over the past few weeks, she knows there comes a great deal of responsibility. 

She has never had this much in her life she said this might sound stupid and weird but with this platform, we have a right here. She has the power to destroy a life, the ability to not only destroy the life of her blackmailer but the life of his family, kids, friends, and his surroundings.

A Moral Dilemma

Nikkie Tutorials has 13.1 million followers on YouTube, 13.7 million on Instagram, and 1.95 million on Twitter. There’s no doubt, she can release the name and they will feel the pain for what they tried to do.

Facebook / @NikkieTutorials

Because of this, she is also been fighting the moral dilemma that questions if she releases the identity of this person, is she doing the same thing he did to her? Does she want to do that? Does she need to?

She acknowledges this is her decision that she will not share the name right at this time. She said no one should be blackmailed or pushed into coming out. Nobody should get away with blackmail. 

But then you look at her situation, when she looked at her life, at everything that happened to her, that person has already been punished. She will not lower herself to his level, she is creating her own level and she is better for that.

Since Her Blackmailer’s Punishment

She realizes with so many positive responses from around the world, her abuser got the punishment he deserved even though he is still anonymous to the public. She is exactly aware of who he is and they should experience a little fear. 


One day, his name might surface to the press and is going to feel exactly the same thing she has been feeling. She knows she has the right but she has to decide if she wants the name to become public or not.

Nikkie does realize she has a special situation. She has an enormous platform to make her decision. 

She clearly said if anyone watching is going through something similar, they have the right to feel safe and that includes going to the police, a trusted adult, or someone else who will take back your power.

All said and done, Nikkie Tutorials’ blackmailer has the chance to live another day without the world knowing his name. She also ended her video by saying “For 2020, we’re gonna let karma do its mother-Flippin’ thing,”

We wish her the very best and admire the decisions she has made. To anyone out there who thinks blackmail is a good way to go, look over your shoulder because it’s true – what goes around comes around. 

People have to start respecting each other and even if you don’t agree with someone doesn’t give you the right to harm them.