30+ Humorous Notes To Let Others Know They Parked Poorly

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Parking is a big part of learning how to drive. It involves everything from searching for an open spot, paying attention to parking rules, paying at the meter, and dealing with any nasty weather conditions. Although many people manage to do all of this quite well, we think it’s fair to say that not everyone has mastered this basic part of driving. 

Have you ever been annoyed by someone else’s parking job? Even if it doesn’t personally inconvenience you, watching someone double park or take up a spot for far longer than the meter allows can be maddening. When it does apply to you – for example, someone blocking your driveway – then it gets infuriating. What’re you meant to do in a situation like that? Fidget in anger and yell at the sky? That’s one option. Another option is to leave a note on or near the car detailing how poorly parked it was. Below are 39 funny examples of this.