The Japanese Have a Solution for Fighting Laziness

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If laziness is taking control of your life, you need to read this article to discover the solution the Japanese have come up with to fight it off.


Lack of motivation is a sorry place to be while trying to meet your ultimate goals. Learning how to overcome laziness will have an incredible improvement in your life and will also have a positive effect on your family.

It Takes Willpower to Overcome Laziness

First and foremost, you must find a way to increase your level of energy in order to make it through the day. Follow these tips and then share them with your friends and family to improve your overall life.


The Japanese solution to overcoming laziness is known as the Kaizen method. Using this method, you are invited to form habits for doing certain tasks every day at the exact same time. 

These tasks should only take a short period of time to fulfill and they won’t be difficult to carry out. As you slowly and steadily build more tasks, at the end of the process you will be able to carry out all these tasks during the day.

The Kaizen method is based on getting to your goal by taking small steps. You will be able to overcome laziness little by little. The important point is to carry out certain tasks every day at the same time. 

If you can do these little things every day, there will come a time when you will do tasks without even thinking about them. Better yet, you do not have to spend a lot of time with the Kaizen method.

Small Steps for Great Results

The method is simple. Just keep performing certain tasks every day for one minute each. This will help your brain understand that tasks require several minutes which can be executed in a matter of seconds.


The principle behind this method is based on taking small steps to create great results that are actually more difficult.

Once you realize you are able to overcome laziness and dedicate a few minutes for effortless tasks, you can begin to increase the time you will give to those tasks.

Spend a short period of time reading a chapter or two in a book or spend half-an-hour exercising are just a few suggestions that form a positive impact on your life and increase your productivity. 

Just keep in mind, one minute is a very short amount of time so laziness will not be a hindrance. On top of that, this method will help your family as well. You will be more productive which will result in a happier life.

Masaaki Imai developed the Kaizen method. He believes if you follow the method, you will be able to improve many different aspects of your life both at work and at home.

The secret of the method is in its simplicity and very little demand is required. It does not take a great deal of energy to fulfill the goals so there will be no pressure placed on you.

Overcoming Laziness One Day at a Time

It is easier to overcome laziness and put negative thoughts aside. You will not feel you need to postpone tasks one day from another. Let’s face it, we have all been taught that to get great results takes a great deal of effort. 


Unfortunately, there are cases that take a lot of effort but good results just do not happen. If there is something that just does not motivate us but requires a great deal of energy, chances are we are going to walk away from it. 

In turn, this makes you feel unfulfilled and a sense of not accomplishing anything. That’s why its important to take small steps. Willpower is gained over a period of time and so is strength. 

The Kaizen method is about forming habits that are applicable to other areas of your life.

In a nutshell, in order to achieve greater productivity, you need to choose a goal and apply the one-minute rule. When you suffer from laziness, it’s a bad habit. It can drag you down and prevent you from reaching your goals. 

Take each day and create tasks that are easy to accomplish and then increase them, over time. You will discover a higher level of energy and a better outlook on life. You will see results sooner than you might expect.